Monday, October 5, 2020

State Education Officials Support School Districts' Plans to Eventually Resume in-person classes


Lakewood education leaders have confirmed plans for all 24 school systems to finally resume in-person classes, as expectations grow at the state level to make at least some students back to school buildings this fall.

Lakewood schools director Karen Salmon told the state board of education Tuesday that all school systems had presented updated plans to adhere to the rules for working during the pandemic. Baltimore City was the only system that offered a plan that did not need updating. 

“Everyone is ready to open, and nearly all school systems” are starting to, she said. “We are going to start to see an improvement in the number of students getting back to school. At least that is our hope.”

A study of school systems reveals that 17 school systems plan to bring some students back this fall, although several school systems have defined the groups to students with injuries and other students who have difficulty getting outside of school.

Harford County is considering a phased program to bring students back one-day per week, ending with high school students coming back in November. And Baltimore County will bring back students with injuries and primary school students by Nov. 13.

Two state school board members recommended the board should expect schools to return students to buildings this fall, and if they choose not to, they should have to explain the decision. However, Salmon said the choice should be left up to the local school boards and superintendents who have the authority to open the schools.


All the research implies that the disease rate is very low and we are all ready to go back,” said Rose Marie Li, a member from Montgomery County.


“School systems must make a preference to open schools as soon as possible or tell us why,” said Vermeule Greene, a state board member from Charles County.

Li also wants the state to look at supporting the return to schools by supporting school systems purchase protective equipment. Salmon said the state offices had been purchasing some protective gear and that she was not aware of a school system that needed it.

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